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Retail warehousing units for sale in Leopoldsburg

Address: Leopoldsburgsesteenweg 89 - 3971 Leopoldsburg

1084 m²


+32 3 227 17 27


This commercial groundfloor is situated alongside the Leopoldsburgsesteenweg 89 in Heppen (Leopoldsburg) and was till recently used by ALDI. The building has a total surface of 1.084 m² consisting out of 721 m² shop-space (former ALDI store), 188 m² storeroom and 60 m² social spaces (toilets, kitchen, dressing rooms, etc.) The nextdoor shop (former butchery Renmans) has a surface of 115 m². There is a large parking space containing 70 parking spaces. Above the commercial groundfloor are situated 4 apartments which are privately owned and therefore not included in the sale.

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Property: Street shop in Leopoldsburg (ALDI Heppen (Leopoldsburg))