Hayen Paris

Retail warehousing units for rent in Grâce-Hollogne

Address: Rue Laguesse 11 - 4460 Grâce-Hollogne

650 m²


+32 3 227 17 27


This retailpark is close to the exit 31 A from the highway A602 and also close to the way N637 between Luik and Bierset.
There is the possiblity to build three commerical units: Unit 4: 640 m², Unit 5: 660 m² en Unit 6: 320 m² .

Action, Leader Price and Dema are also located at this retailpark. Other retailers in the area: Texaco, Porsche garage, Brasserie Bar à vins, etc.

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Property: Street shop in Grâce-Hollogne (PROJECT - UNIT 5)